Mark Rollins
Mark Rollins

A Montana coroner has positively identified a body found Wednesday as Mark Rollins of Decorah.

According to Park County Coroner Al Jenkins, he was able to identify Rollins this morning based on his Iowa driver's license and personal items.

The identification came after a Western Montana search dog team located a body around noon yesterday, within a mile of where Rollins was last seen Sept. 20.
According to Park County Sheriff Scott Hamilton, Rollins' body was located at the bottom of a cliff. Evidence the search-and-rescue teams found at the scene indicated he had fallen off the cliff.
The Park County Sheriff’s Office was contacted Tuesday afternoon at about 2:40 p.m. by a U.S. Forest Service agent who had been contacted by a concerned group of hunters who reported having met Rollins Sept. 20. in the area near Campfire Lake, located in the Crazy Mountains. He was elk hunting.
On Sept.20, the hunters discussed with Rollins the length of his stay and became concerned when they came back to the trailhead Tuesday (Sept. 27) and his vehicle was still parked there.
Hamilton said his office made contact with Rollins’ wife, who had already reported her concerns to local law enforcement. Rollins had been expected back in Decorah on or about Monday, Sept. 26.
Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 27), the Park County Sheriff’s Office deployed a team on motorcycles and a helicopter team, which included a deputy as a spotter.
Tuesday evening the searchers launched a night flight mission, which utilized heat signature and night vision technology.
Wednesday’s search included two dog teams, a horse team and an aerial search with a helicopter.
The body was recovered Wednesday afternoon and transported by helicopter to the trailhead and on to Livingston by vehicle.
Rollins was the owner of Ede's Angry Pickle restaurant in downtown Decorah.