The Decorah Community School District released on Friday the first iteration of their Return to Learn Summary.

The document is intended to provide an overview of key aspects of the Return to Learn Plan and insight into the information guiding their plans and decision-making. This is a living document which will change fluidly as circumstances and guidance changes. The district will communicate when changes are made in order to ensure families and the community have the most current information.

The document does not describe what the district will be doing Aug. 24.

“I wish I had the ability to predict the future, and to be able to say with certainty what back-to-school will bring,"Superintendent Mark Lane said. "We will continue to plan for a variety of scenarios and will be agile in our ability to move between plans. The latest we would expect to make a definitive choice about the learning model in place to open the year is Monday, Aug. 10.”

Lane continued, “I want to say thank you to the dozens of staff members who have given time and energy to creating this summary document, and the guidance and action plans described. This has been tedious work frequently done over Zoom. It has also been done at a time of year when educators generally have some time to relax, reflect and recharge. I can’t say enough about the dedication of our people and their willingness to collaborate in serving our students and our community. I want to give special thanks to Kathryn Vanney who has spent hours translating the Return to Learn Summary and each of the weekly messages and surveys we have sent out over the past several months.”

A detailed description of the DCSD can be accessed through this link: