This past Monday, the Decorah CSD Board of Directors approved the Return to Learn plan, which has seen significant changes and adjustments based on updated guidance and directives from Governor Reynolds, the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The most recent version of the Decorah CSD Return to Learn Summary has been sent to all parents.
The plan calls for use of a Hybrid Learning Model for the first five weeks of the schoolyear, August 24 through September 25. If conditions allow, the  District will transition to full on-site learning for all students every day starting Monday, Sept. 28.
In the Hybrid Learning Model the student body is divided in half, and each group will attend on-site learning on certain days and engage in remote continuous learning other days.  Student groups are as follows:

Red Group

Half of each grade level, kindergarten through 8 th grade, and freshmen and sophomores will attend on-site learning Monday and Tuesday, and every other Wednesday; and will participate in remote continuous learning during the weekdays they are not on-site.

Red Group On-Site Learning Days

* Week One: Monday, August 24; Tuesday, August 25; Wednesday, August 26
* Week Two: Monday, August 31; Tuesday, September 1
* Week Three: Tuesday, September 8; Wednesday, September 9
* Week Four: Monday, September 14; Tuesday, September 15
* Week Five:  Monday, September 21; Tuesday, September 22; Wednesday,September 23
Blue Group
Half of each grade level, kindergarten through 8 th grade, and juniors and seniors; will attend on-site learning Thursday and Friday, and every other Wednesday; and will participate in remote continuous learning during the weekdays they are not on-site
Blue Group On-Site Learning Days
* Week One: Thursday, August 27; Friday August 28
* Week Two: Wednesday, September 2; Thursday, September 3; Friday, September4
* Week Three: Thursday, September 10; Friday, September 11
* Week Four: Wednesday, September 16; Thursday, September 17; Friday, September 18
* Week Five: Thursday, September 24; Friday, September 25
School is not in session for either group on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7.
In certain circumstances, a student may be required to attend on-site learning daily. This might be due to a student’s Individual Education Plan or because of unique requirements of a concurrent enrollment course. Principals and teachers will work with the families of students attending daily on a case-by-case basis to finalize those plans.
Red and Blue Group assignments are completed for students in kindergarten through 8th grade and can be found in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. All freshmen and sophomores are in the Red Group, and all juniors and seniors are in the Blue Group. This is not listed in PowerSchool. 
To find their child’s Red/Blue Group assignment, parents and guardians should follow these steps:
1. Log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal
2. In the left navigation bar find and click “Other Information”
3. Find your child’s Red or Blue Group assignment
Parents and guardians who wish to make a color group change request should send an email to their child’s principal requesting the change, providing the reason for the request. The District will do their best to honor group change requests, but not all changes may be possible.  Any change request must be received by their child’s principal by the end of business Aug. 14.
Please be aware that the release of student bus assignments will occur Thursday, August 20.  Those bus assignments will be accessible on the “Other Information” page in the PowerSchool Parent Portal as well.  A notice will be sent when access to the bus schedule information is available.