The Decorah School Board has approved more than $65,000 in administrative salary increases for the 2014-2015 school year.
At a special meeting Wednesday, the Board approved 3.53-percent increases for administration, central administration office and other staff. Some other support staff received slightly different percentages.
Administrative raises included Superintendent Mike Haluska, from $148,250 to $154,050; Middle School Principal Leona Hoth, from $86,575 to $90,195; Activities Director Adam Riley, $77,800 to $81,115; High School Principal Kim Sheppard, from $105,910 to $110,210; Carrie Lee Principal Cheryl Miller, $73,700 to $76,865; Elementary Principal Rick Varney, $89,110 to $92,824 and Director of Technology Kurt DeVore, $72,156 to $75,271.
Central office staff receiving increases included Superintendent Administrative Assistant Lois Kuennen, from $44,695 to $46,842; Business Manager Cathy Dietzenbach, $73,120 to $76,272 and Board Secretary Darlene Woodhouse, $43,570 to $45,677.
Other staff included Nurse Jeanne Luzum, $41,975 to $43,687; Registrar Jim Pankow, $41,763 to $43,468; Director of Transportation Jim Samuelson, $49,045 to $51,007; Food Service Manager Jane Bullerman, $30,000 to $31,289 and Culinary Specialist Chad Elliot, $27,500 to $28,698.

Bigger increases
Those receiving higher raises include Building and Grounds Manager Greg Schaller and Computer Technicians Theresa Stortz and Ben Lensing.
Following the meeting, Board President Ron Fadness explained Schaller was given a higher raise to bring his salary in line with other school districts in the area. His salary increased from $49,045 to $57,500.
In addition, due to an increased need for computer technical support, Stortz and Lensing both received contract increases from nine months of the year to 12 months of the year and raises in salary to reflect the additional time they will be working.
Lensing’s salary increased from $37,500 to $45,000, and Stortz’s increased from $38,516 to $46,000.