An anonymous tip helped the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Department identify the dog that bit a 5-year-old girl Tuesday, Oct. 14, according to Sheriff Lee Bohr.

The incident occurred in Hesper Township near the intersection of 370th Street and County Road W-40.

Bohr said charges are pending against the dog's owner. The dog - a male, black and white border collie cross -- did not have a current rabies vaccination so it's being confined for a period of 10 days to determine whether it has the disease. Bohr said the dog's owner has been cooperating with law enforcement.

The sheriff said he did not know if the victim of the dog bite was receiving medical treatment. He said her family and their physician were evaluating how to proceed.

Bohr said he and the family are appreciative of all the tips they received after the story about the dog bite was publicized. The family and others offered a reward for the person identifying the dog, and Bohr said he expects to give the reward to the person whose tip led to finding the dog.

The county has no leash law, but dog owners should be responsible and make sure their dogs are vaccinated, Bohr said.

Any incidents of dog bites should be reported in a "timely manner," Bohr said, and law enforcement works with the Board of Health when they occur. Owners can be charged if their dog bites someone.