Ellen Marie Jensen
Ellen Marie Jensen
What if you thought you knew about your family's roots and there was more to the story?
An increasing number of Scandinavians are just recently discovering that their real ethnic background was kept hidden.
Author Ellen Marie Jensen will give a presentation on ethnic discovery based on her book, “We Stopped Forgetting: Stories from Sámi Americans,” at Vesterheim Museum’s Almdal-Odland Heritage Center Wednesday, April 16, at 1:30 p.m.  A book signing follows at 2:30 in the museum store.
During the immigration period of 1880-1940, an unknown number of Sámi people (the indigenous people of Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia) left Sápmi for North America alongside Nordic peoples. It has been estimated there are at least 30,000 descendants of Sámi immigrants in North America, and most of them are unaware of their Indigenous ancestry.
Ellen Marie Jensen is a PhD fellow at The University of Tromsø and is published by Authors’ Publisher.
Authors’ Publisher (CálliidLágádus in the North Sámi language), is an Indigenous publisher committed to publishing works of importance to the Sami people in the endangered Sami languages.  Their vision is to promote and educate about Sami culture and issues, while strengthening Indigenous linguistic literacy. English language titles spread knowledge of the Sami culture to North America. Authors’ Publisher has offices in Karasjok and Tana Norway.
“We Stopped Forgetting: Stories from Sámi Americans” is available through alibris.com. An e-book version is available at smashwords.com.