Iowa State University Extension – Winneshiek County has released a full list of 4-H placings from the Iowa State Fair:

4-H market beef results
Dalton Anderson, crossbred steers, ; Micole Lansing, crossbred steers, purple

4-H breeding beef results
Kelly Rue, maintainer, ; Riley Rue, commercial heifers, ; Elizabeth Smith, Chianina, purple

4-H beef of merit LIVE results
Kelly Rue, window A - high cutability, purple

4-H beef showmanship results
Dalton Anderson, Gr. 11-12, purple

4-H dairy results

Presley Bushman, Ayrshire int. calf, purple; reserve champion jr ayrshire; Blake Courtney, Holstein sr. calf, red; three-year-old cows, blue: Blake Courtney , Holstein 4 Yr. Old, , Holstein summer yrlg, blue, Holstein sr. yrlg, blue; Brooke Courtney, Holstein sr. yrlg, blue, Holstein sr. calf, blue; Mikayla Lien, holstein int. calf, red, Holstein yr. two-year-old cows, blue, Holstein jr. calf, blue; Brendan Lovstuen, Holstein jr. two-year-old cows, blue; Garrett Lovstuen, jersey sr. yrlg, , Ayrshire winter yrlg, blue, Jersey jr. two-year-old cows, red; Garret Ohloff, Holstein sr. calf, red, Holstein sr. two-year-old cows, blue; Katelyn Wedo, Ayrshire summer yrlg, red, Katelyn Wedo, Ayrshire jr. calf, red; Katelyn Wedo, Ayrshire jr. calf, red, Ayrshire jr. three-year-old cows.

4-H dog results
Kaylee Knight, Novice A Obedience Group 1, Red, Intermediate Handling Group 2, blue and Rally Class Grades 7-9, blue.

4-H breeding sheep
Hannah Snell, Black Face Commercial Ewe - Div. 3., purple

4-H market sheep
Hannah Snell, market lambs, blue, market lambs, purple

4-H sheep showmanship
Hannah Snell, intermediate showmanship, purple

4-H breeding swine results
Elizabeth Smith, commercial gilts, blue, commercial gilts, blue; Conner Trupe, Duroc gilts, blue

4-H market swine results
Dalton Anderson, Duroc market hogs, blue, med. wt. market barrows, blue, Yorkshire market hogs, blue, med. wt. market barrows, blue; Jaden Anderson, heavy wt. market barrows, blue, Yorkshire market hogs, blue; Justin Hackman, med. wt. market gilts, blue; Kolin Krauskopf, heavy wt. market gilts, blue, Kolin Krauskopf, heavy wt. market barrows, blue; Micole Lansing, Duroc market hogs, blue, Micole Lansing, med. wt. market barrows, heavy wt. market barrows; Skyler Luzum, Duroc market hogs, blue, heavy wt. market barrows, blue

4-H swine showmanship results
Dalton Anderson, Showmanship Gr. 9-12, blue; Jaden Anderson, Showmanship Gr. 7-8, blue; Justin Hackman, Showmanship Gr. 9-12, blue; Kolin Krauskopf, Showmanship Gr. 7-8, blue; Skyler Luzum, Showmanship Gr. 9-12, blue;
Elizabeth Smith, Showmanship Gr. 9-12, blue; Conner Trupe, Showmanship Gr. 9-12, blue

4-H educational presentations
Logan Brincks, "A Heart to Heart: I.C.D.'s", Excellence; Nathan Herold, "The Wizard of Merit Oz and Populism", Merit; Olivia Massman, "World Hunger", Recognition; Rylea Ranum, "Blue Eye - Brown Eye", Excellence; Hanna Schmitt, "A Horse's Chestnuts", Merit; Everett Wegge, "Golf 101", Excellence

4-H working exhibits
Ashley Schwartzhoff, Marissa Foels, "Mini Dessert Pizzas", Merit; Daniel Schwartzhoff, Keegan Einck, "American Pride Popsicle Stick Flags", Merit; Lukas Phillips, "Pricelss Paper Petals - Recycled Flowers" Excellence

Share the Fun
Jenna Schmitt, "Magic Flute", Recognition; Stacia Sexton, "Piano", Recognition; Nicole Schmitt, Jenna Schmitt, Hanna Schmitt, Jessica Schmitt, and Emily Luzum, "Let It Go Sign Language", Recognition

Extemporaneous speaking
Nicole Schmitt, Excellence

Communication Posters
Trevor Phillips, "Ticket to Success", Recognition; Ashley Schwartzhoff, "4-H is...", Excellence

4-H exhibits
Daiton Tietz, Vet Science, blue; Katlynn Hauber,Other Ag and Natural Resources, white; Kaylee Knight, Other Ag and Natural Resources, blue; Abigail Bergan, photography, blue; Adam Knight, photography, red; Alexis Averhoff, photography, blue, visual arts, red; Anna Langreck, photography, blue; Ashley Darling, photography, blue; Ashley Schwartzhoff, photography, blue; Brooke Herold, photography, blue, Professional Photographers of Iowa,
Honorable Mention.

4-H exhibit results continued
Christina Nesvik, Visual Arts, blue; Hanna Schmitt, visual arts, blue; Hanna Schmitt, visual arts, blue; Kaylee Knight, photography, blue, Professional Photographers of Iowa, Honorable Mention; Kelly Kuboushek, visual arts, blue;
Maggie Kuennen, visual arts, red; Marissa Foels, photography, blue; Nathan Herold, photography, blue; Rachelle Smith, photography, blue; Alysa Hanson, sewing and needle arts, blue; Emily Luzum, sewing and needle arts, blue; Hannah Snell, food and nutrition, blue; Kaitlyn Schnitzler, sewing and needle arts, red; Kamryn Langreck, sewing and needle arts, blue; Kaylee Knight, child development, red; Kendra Berns, home improvement, blue; Marissa Foels, clothing and fashion, blue; Mikayla Lien, home Improvement, blue; Morgan Bergan, food and nutrition, blue; Morgan Bergan, home improvement, blue; Nathan Herold, food and nutrition, blue; Nicole Schmitt, home improvement, red; Olivia Massman, food and nutrition, red; Trevor Phillips, food and nutrition, blue; Alyssa Timp, citizenship, red; Everett Wegge, digital storytelling, blue; Logan Brincks, Communicaiton, red; Logan Brincks, digital storytelling, blue; Rylea Ranum, self determined, blue; Stacia Sexton, digital storytelling, red; Tyler Irwin, self determined, red; Everett Wegge, science engineering and technology, red; Joshua Lensing, science engineering and technology, blue; Keagen Einck, science engineering and technology, blue; Kolin Schnuelle, science engineering and technology, red; Logan Brincks, science engineering and technology, red.