Each year, Preservation Iowa sponsors an annual Iowa country school conference featuring speakers from across the country.

The 2013 school conference is at the Oaks Steakhouse in Decorah Friday, Oct. 11. A tentative schedule follows:

• 8:30 Registration

• 9 Welcome from the Decorah Historical Society

• 9:15 Conference overview -- Bill Sherman Preservation Iowa

• 9:30 Why Preserve a Country School-David Faldet, Luther College English Department

• 9:45 Creating an interpretative program for your school- Angie Reed, Silos & Smokestacks

• 10:30 Some examples of a country school interpretative program activities: Julie Lang, Marshalltown; Susan Webb, Birmingham, Ark.; and Susan Fineman, Nashua, N.H.

• Poetry interlude-Caroline Bredekamp, Jackson County preservationist

• 11:30 A country school skit-Locust School Players

• 11:55 Organizing a country school library-Susan Jacobsen, Locust School

• 12:10 Lunch

• 12:40 Lessons learned in a country school-Dwight Seegmiller, Hills Bank president

• 1 Creating a countywide plan for country school preservation, Winneshiek County Preservation Commission-Dean Thompson and David Stanley

• 1:30 Comparing preserved country schools in Western Iowa and Eastern Iowa, Sandra Host, author and preservationist, Council Bluffs

• 2 Some tips on preservation: Sharon Andresen, Barb Anderson (Forest Grove School, Bettendorf), Barb MacDougal (Cole School, Boone) and Sandra Host (Richland No. 1 Odebolt)

• 2:45 Death in a Country School -Elaine Hegg, Decorah preservationist

• 3 Poetry interlude-Caroline Bredkamp

• 3:10 Using art as a fund raiser-Barb MacDougal

• 3:20 What's new with the Country School Association of America-Susan Fineman

• 3:40 Conference summation-Luke Schissel, Locust School graduate

Preservation Iowa

Preservation Iowa was organized in 1991 as the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance for the following purposes:

• To support, broaden and strengthen the statewide constituency for preservation in Iowa

• To educate public and private policymakers who affect historic preservation issues at the national, state and local levels

• To develop and implement strategies for insuring the preservation of individual and collective sites and structures of cultural significance to Iowa

• To work in partnership with national, state and local agencies and organizations whose activities impact historic resources.