Bob Dorr will perform live in concert with Jeff Petersen Saturday, June 14, at McCaffrey’s Dolce Vita in Decorah.
The performance is part of “Dolce Vita Nights,” McCaffrey’s outdoor summer concert series, a D.A.S.Y. (Dance & Stay Young) Production.
Music is 7-10 p.m., rain or shine. There is no charge for admission.

The Blue Band (and more)
Bob Dorr Dorr’s legacy with the Blue Band began in June 1981. Although Dorr is talented on various instruments including the harmonica and percussion, his voice is his best instrument. Not only has Dorr made his own band a success, but he has helped provide valuable exposure for other regional bands through the use of his highly popular radio shows on Iowa Public Radio and as producer of the highly regarded Iowa Blues compilations for Hot Fudge Music. Bob began his tenure in Public Broadcasting at KUNI-FM in October of 1972 and for his 40+ years of entertaining listeners with his solid knowledge of music history and interviews with highly noted rock and blues figures, he was inducted into the Iowa Rock 'n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame in September 2000. Hear some of those interviews at In April 2006, Bob was inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. In 2007 he was re- inducted into the Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame as leader of The Blue Band.

Jeff Petersen is one of the Eastern Iowa Region’s best guitar players and a founding member of The Blue Band. He has performed for over 40 years, playing a customized 1968 Gibson Flying V Guitar. Originally from Clinton, Iowa, Jeff started playing guitar at the age of 14 after hearing the Beatles and was further influenced by B.B. King, the Allman Brothers, and Eric Clapton. After a 10-year stint with the Headstone Band, Jeff helped start The Blue Band along side Blue Band front man Bob Dorr. Jeff has played in a variety of venues and has opened for national acts such as Freddy King and Johnny Winter. According to Jeff, he’s trying to find that one perfect note and takes life one day at a time. He explained, "I don’t care how big the crowd is, I just love to play." Jeff has been inducted into the Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame TWICE-in September 2006 for his work with the Headstone Band and September 2007 with The Blue Band.
The Blue Band was inducted into the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame in 2005 and reinducted into the Iowa Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.