The International Student Friendship Family Program is seeking individuals and families in the Decorah community to help Luther College's incoming international students adjust to life at Luther College and in the United States.

The goal of the program is to promote international understanding and develop an appreciation of how others live and view the world. Students and their friendship families will gather in informal settings and learn about life in the U.S. and Iowa, and about the home culture of the student.

"The Friendship Program is a great introduction to the U.S. American culture. Before coming to Luther the only perception I had of the U.S. was through action movies or television programs. My family helped make me more aware of U.S. culture and the transition part of my journey of personal development," Nato Francisco, a student from East Timor, said.

Because of the great work of the Luther College Publications staff, the Friendship Family Program has been given a new look and will be coming out with a Luther/Decorah specific handbook for both students and families with all the information participants will need.

"The time that we get to spend as a Friendship Family is so enjoyable. They bring a new look at life. Each year is a time we look forward to making a new friend and many new memories," Debbie and Dwayne Karr of the Decorah community said.

Interested individuals and families can sign up at