More than 40 people were charged for underage drinking, and 13 juveniles were referred to Juvenile Court Services after local law enforcement officers were called to two parties over the weekend. The names of those charged were released Monday night.

Saturday night, the Calmar Police Department was assisted at a party at 600 W. Lewis St. in Calmar by the Iowa State Patrol and the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Department.

There were 27 people at the party, and 20 citations were issued to 18-20-year-olds for possession of alcohol under the legal age: Katherine Holcomb, 20, Albert Lea, Minn., Jared Fangman, 20, Elkader; Brooke Johnson, 19, Spring Grove, Minn.; Bradley Heims, 20, Dundee; Makenna Snitker, 18, Farmersburg; Dustin Maassen, 18, Avoca; Erin Blietz, 20, McGregor; Jill Hefel, 19, Holy Cross; Spencer Walters, 20, Guttenberg; Joseph Redman, 20, Wells, Minn.; Jordan Greco, 20, Fayette; Tyler Olson, 18, Grand Mound; Michael Meyer, 20, Dyersville; Blake Fosaaen, 19, Waukon; Colter Thomas, 19, Decorah; and Trevor Hanson, 19, Grand Meadow. Nicole Poirier, 17, Decorah, was referred to Juvenile Court Services for underage possession.

Early Sunday morning, the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Department assisted by the Calmar Police Department responded to a report of a party at 1394 185th Ave. south of Ossian. There were 51 people at the party, and 23 18-20-year-olds were charged with possession of alcohol under the legal age: Kelly Politowitz, 18, Waukon; Amanda Tafoya, 19, Maynard; Brandon Ubben, 20, Webster City; Michael Spring, 18, Millville, Minn.; Raymond Oblander, 20, Decorah; James Doughty, 18, Decorah; Andrew Piva, 19, Plainview, Minn.; Kyle Kulish, 20, Calmar; Cheyenne Christopher, 18, Decorah; Jordyn Dixon, 18, Decorah; Devin Moellers, 19, Ossian; Kandace Glock, 18, Calmar; Shane Dahl, 19, Fort Atkinson; James Shimek, 19, Spillville; Alexander Pagel, 19, Calmar; Korey Stockman, 18, Ossian; Korey Numedahl, 19, Ossian; Joreen Halweg, 18, Decorah; Nicole Thibadeau, 18, Fort Atkinson; Tina Pinter, 18, Fort Atkinson; Gabriel Eide, 18, Decorah; Derek Panos, 20, Waucoma; and Olivia Munkel, 19, Decorah.

Eleven juveniles at the party near Ossian were referred to Juvenile Court Services for possession of alcohol under the legal age: Jessica Denk, 17, Fort Atkinson; Kaleb Breitsprecher, 16, Ossian; Justin Langreck, 17, St. Lucas; Josie Schnur, 17, Ossian; Tara Albertson, 16, Calmar; Halley Roy, 15, Calmar; Peton Roberson, 17, Calmar; Jenna McIntyre, 17, Decorah; Amanda Guzman, 17, Decorah; Jade Bohr, 17, Decorah; and Morgan Weis, 17, Decorah.