The story is fascinating. The music is enchanting. The young people are amazing. 

All these components are present in the 2014 Young People’s Production of The Burnt Part Boys.

Locally named The Burnt Part, the Pickaway Coal Company’s South Mountain closed down after an accident in 1952 that resulted in the death of four miners, three of which left behind children. 

Ten years later, Jake Twitchell (played by Aaron Kvale) is an employee of that same company, doing the same job that took his own father’s life.

Much to the dismay of his movie buff, younger brother Pete (Gable Lonning), the Pickaway Coal Company is going to begin re-mining The Burnt Part and send down both Jake and Jake’s friend, Chet (Paul Fadness), whose father also died in the South Mountain accident.

Inspired by his silver screen heroes, Pete sets out for The Burnt Part with his saw-playing-best-friend Dusty (Steven Holkesvik), a pack full of dynamite, and plans to render it useless.

With Jake and Chet in hot pursuit, Pete and Dusty are in need of a guide and find a perfect Sacajawea in the young runaway Frances (Naomi Davidson), who also lost her father in the accident. 

Two other significant players found along the trail include:  Jim Bowie (Parker Fretheim) and the famous, Davy Crockett (Will Yahr).  
Other players adding their talents to the show include:  Garrett Baumler, Ayla Carbonell, Hayden and Linnea Carlson, Mya Herrman, Makinzie Monroe, Kaylee Nicoll, Emma Rolfs, Shai Shay, Ali and Jacob Voigt, Everett Wege, Richard Weis, and Miles Wilkie. 

Dangerous and heart-warming discoveries comprise every theatrical layer of the adventure on the road to the mine.

Based on the book by Marian Elder, The Burnt Part Boys hails the music of Chris Miller and lyrics by Nathan Tysen.  

The show is a riveting, coming-of-age story that has entranced theatre goers of all ages.  Directors for the show are Jenna Alstad and Gara Lonning.  

Production dates for The Burnt Part Boys are Aug. 21-23 at 7:30 p.m. and Aug. 23-24 at 3:30 p.m. at the New Minowa Players Theatre, 906 South Mill Street, Decorah.  

The Burnt Part Boys  is sponsored by Decorah Bank and Trust, Family Table Restaurant, Gallery of Tops, Pizza Ranch, Rockweiler Appliance and TV, Singing Hammers Construction, and Rick Scheffert-Spirit of Clay.