The North Winneshiek School District has passed all of the adequate yearly progress (AYP) benchmarks under the federal No Child Left Behind Act for the 2013-2014 school year.
During its meeting Monday night, the North Winneshiek School Board approved the annual Academic Public Report (APR), which is designed to inform District residents concerning the academic progress of North Winneshiek students.
According to North Winneshiek Superintendent/Principal Tim Dugger, on the Iowa assessments, third through eighth grade achievement rates indicate North Winneshiek students are achieving the highest in mathematics, followed by reading, and then science.
“The students, parents and staff can be very proud of the Iowa Assessment scores from last year. Our students continue to do very well on the state tests and are meeting the challenge of the increased benchmarks attributed to No Child Left Behind,” Dugger commented after Monday’s Board meeting.
“North Winneshiek is one of a handful of Iowa schools who met all of the benchmarks and have avoided being labeled a SINA or school in need of assistance. We can be very proud to say that small schools like North Winneshiek can provide a quality education for its students.”
North Winneshiek met AYP goals set by the federal government in the following areas:
• Grades 3-5 met the AYP for reading and mathematics
• 95 percent of the 3-5 graders were proficient in reading
• 90 percent of the 3-5 graders were proficient in mathematics
• Grades 6-8 met the AYP for reading and mathematics
• 73 percent of the 6-8 graders were proficient in reading
• 84 percent of the 6-8 graders were proficient in mathematics

100 percent
One hundred percent of North Winneshiek students participated on the Iowa Assessments. The North Winneshiek K-8 average daily attendance rate for 2013-2014 was 96.9 percent, down slightly from the 2012-2013 attendance rate of 97.2 percent.

National equivalents
The Board also received statistics on national grade equivalents (NGE), which describe student performance in terms of grade level months.
“For example, if a 5th grade student obtains a grade equivalent of 5.4 on the reading score, the student’s score is compared to a student who is at a reading comprehension achievement level of 5th, fourth month,” Dugger explained.
North Winneshiek student Iowa Assessments NGE Composite Scores from January 2014 were:
• 3rd grade students achieved a 4.2 grade equivalent
• 4th grade students achieved a 4.9 grade equivalent
• 5th grade students achieved a 6.9 grade equivalent
• 6th grade students achieved a 6.8 grade equivalent
• 7th grade students achieved a 9.4 grade equivalent
• 8th grade students achieved a 9.4 grade equivalent
The public can view the ARP on the District’s web site:

Inservice Aug. 14
In other matters, Board members were informed teachers’ inservice begins today, Thursday, Aug. 14, and students will start Wednesday, Aug. 20.
The Board approved a nurse sharing agreement with the Decorah School District. Decorah will purchase one day per week from North Winneshiek for Andrea Homstad’s nursing services.
The Board toured the school to view the completed summer projects and commented on how well the school is looking. He noted custodians Mary Beth Dahl and Dusty Thorstenson did a “wonderful job” finishing the summer maintenance requests and annual cleaning.
The Board also approved the preschool, latchkey and bus driver handbooks.
The District’s handbooks include administrative policies and contain the required annual public notices. The student, preschool and latchkey handbooks can be viewed on the district’s website.
In addition, the Board approved the Title I application for $39,975 and approved the District’s special education delivery plan.