Women Empowered (WE) will hold its November event Monday, Nov. 12, at the Lingonberry in Decorah.

Beginning at 6:30 p.m., light snacks and beverages will be provided. A $10 donation is suggested. The featured presenter is Stephanie Henning, who will share her story about having the confidence to establish two retail businesses in Decorah: Modish for women, and Iver & Jack for men.

A short style show of Modish clothing will follow.

About Women Empowered
WE is a new nonprofit organization whose mission it is to provide resources, education and support for women. Monthly Meet-Ups, workshops and conferences are planned to provide support for women in business, personal life, health, family, and the community. Women Empowered provides opportunities for women to showcase their accomplishments and learn from others who have experience in business, family and wellness to grow personally and within the community.

Overwhelming interest in WE was established during summer focus groups that provided awareness of the possibilities for women of all ages to come together and generate the excitement of realizing their dreams.

As a result of the focus groups, WE responded to the need for informal, fun learning opportunities. A popular offering during monthly Meet-Ups is the chance to network, informally exchanging experiences and discussing individual interests. Each Meet-Up aims to support women through confidence-building and visioning powerful goals for the future.

For further information: email women.empowered5@gmail.com.