The three eaglets at the Decorah "North Nest" earlier this spring.
The three eaglets at the Decorah "North Nest" earlier this spring.

“DN2,” the second of three eaglets hatched at the Decorah “North Nest” has died, according to Raptor Resource Project (RRP) Executive Director John Howe.
RRP which operates a live camera at the nest has shut the camera down to spare viewers “heartache.” Another of the eaglets, “DN3,” died May 11. RRP has privately been monitoring the nest camera.
“We are watching a very urgent and sad situation that looks like it could be the result of poisoning by something the eagles ate. We are recording and monitoring what is going on for possible action or intervention, but have purposely decided that this should not be broadcast to the public,” said a post on the RRP Facebook page.
The poisoning is believed to be unintentional.
The first eaglet born at the nest, “DN1”, is “active, alert and was playing with sticks and nest fluff,” according to RRP.
There also has been concern recently about the health of the eaglets’ mother, but Howe reported Wednesday her condition had improved.
“Mom North is standing, flapping her wings, and looking like she may be recovering a bit. Dad has been observed off on the distant perch branch.”
RRP is networking with other agencies on monitoring the eagles’ health.