There will be heightened security at the Winneshiek County Courthouse for the reading of the Jacob Seelinger verdict.
Seelinger’s first-degree murder case went to the jury just before noon Thursday after prosecution and defense attorneys concluded their closing arguments.
After jurors left the courtroom for lunch and to begin their deliberations, Judge Richard Stochl of New Hampton made a statement to the packed courtroom.
“There will be extensive security for the reading of the verdict by my order,” Stochl said.
He also said he would not tolerate any arguments, antics or outcries after the reading of the verdict.
“Anyone who participates in such actions will be removed,” Stochl said.
The judge said members of the public could be subject to a search before being allowed into the courtroom and should not be offended. There will be law enforcement around the courthouse to make sure no problems occur, Stochl said.
Seelinger, 18, Decorah, and Dalton Adam, 19, Decorah, are both charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of David Hansen, 46, Decorah.
The men are accused of beating Hansen July 12, 2018. Hansen was knocked unconscious during the attack and never regained consciousness. He died from his injuries Aug. 31.
Adam’s trial is scheduled for Oct. 28.