Decorah School Board members were re-elected to their at-large positions in Tuesday’s school election.
John Hjelle received 925 votes while Brian Petersburg received 912 votes.
Other candidates who ran for the two at-large openings were Kerry Johnson, 228 votes; Reginald Sampson, 243 votes; and Alecia Bucksa, 642 votes.
Although write-in votes had not been sorted out as of press-time Wednesday morning, it’s believed incumbent Decorah District 1 Board member Brian Lange won re-election as a write-in candidate.

South Winn
Corey Meyer and Ron Hemesath were elected to at-large positions on the South Winneshiek School Board. Meyer received 586 votes and Hemesath received 560 votes.
Other candidates for the two, at-large openings were Tom Bushman, 118 votes; and Kenan Willey, 346 votes.
Donald Schroeder was elected to fill a District 2 vacancy with 739 votes. He had no opposition.

Turkey Valley
There were no contests for the openings on the Turkey Valley School Board.
Leon Shatek was elected director at-large; Ernie Schmitt was elected District 2 director and Jolene Steinlage was elected District 3 director.

Jim Anderson was re-elected District 3 director on the Northeast Iowa Community College Board of Trustees after running unopposed.