The first day of spring in Decorah adds another day to the streak of sub-50 degree temperature days, according to Decorah Meteorologist Richard Bernatz.

Counting today (the 20th) the streak is 123 days long. The last day the "official" Decorah thermometer reached at least 50 degrees F was November 17, 2013 when the maximum temperature for the day was 59 degrees. The official temperature reading for Decorah has not reached the 50-degree mark since.

Historically, the current streak ties for tenth place for length. The longest streak is 146 days in the 2000-2001 season (Nov. 7 - April 1).

“If Decorah makes it through Friday (tomorrow) without reaching 50 degrees -- it is likely, based on temperature predictions -- the current streak will climb to the third or maybe second longest with lengths of 130 and 132 days, respectively,” Bernatz said.

“To do so, the temperature must remain sub-50 through Thursday, March 27, and Saturday, March 29, respectively. To tie for the longest streak, the temperature would need to remain sub-50 through April 12.”