Kristina Wiltgen.
Kristina Wiltgen.
Kristina Wiltgen was recently honored as a finalist for the Executive Director of the Year award at the 2019 MACE conference.

Executive of the Year nominees were Della Schmidt (Winona, Minn.) Area Chamber of Commerce; Nate Welch (Vermillion, S.D.) Area Chamber and Development; and Kristina Wiltgen (Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce).
Della Schmidt was the 2019 award winner.

This award is presented to a chamber executive who has demonstrated a vision, commitment and passion for the advancement of their chamber and community as a whole. The recipient in this category has proven to others that they are the “gold standard” in chamber leadership and are proven to have the vision for future chamber members to follow.

The executive of the year award included nominees from around the six-state region and recognizes high ranking chamber members for their giving spirit, many successes and humble attitude. While these leaders take an active role in their communities, they are well respected among their peers, serve on many community boards, and give a helping hand whenever needed.