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December 17, 2017
  • So long Charlie Manson, you big gob of spit

        I received the perfect 30-year wedding day anniversary present when I awoke Sunday morning to learn that one of the biggest gobs of spit to ever walk the earth was dead.

    At the undeserved ripe old age of 83, mass murderer Charles Manson had finally succumbed to the certainty of mortality and died relatively peacefully while serving out a life-sentence term in California. I couldn’t have been happier with the news.

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  • I love Iowa to the max, but I’m worried about it
        I’m a Midwestern boy/man-child and proud of it. The residents of the east and west coasts are subject to every new thing that comes down the pike, but not us in the tried-and-true Midwest.
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  • Apparently political correctness gets a bye on Halloween
        How in the name of everything that is unholy has Halloween/American style survived this long? I just don’t get it. Somebody walk me through it … please.
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  • Enough already: Time for French-fry lovers to rise up

        I write today in defense of one of my oldest and dearest “friends” that has been the subject of so much bad publicity of late it’s a wonder anyone will have anything to do with them.

    I firmly believe this continuing negativity should be confronted head on, but those who are willing to stand up and be an advocate for this much maligned entity are few and far between. As a proud supporter of the popular product, I understand there are certain risks involved but feel – at least for my money – that the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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  • I guess there’s just a ‘meanness’ in this world

     I’ll admit it, as I write this column I’m so angry I can’t see straight.

    While I, along with the rest of America and the world, try to make any rational sense out of what happened in Las Vegas Sunday night, I can’t help but wonder what we have become and where we’re headed. To be honest, I don’t think anyone knows what the future will bring.

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  • Quit blaming the media and do your homework

        Had a lengthy discussion with a friend I like and respect despite our political differences the other day and I was a bit taken aback by some of his comments.

    He is a man who is extremely involved politically and makes it a point to participate in meetings and other gatherings in order to express his opinion. Is he on the conservative side of the fence? That’s an understatement.

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  • Unfortunately, time doesn’t heal every wound
     I’m not a morning person. Never have been. I’m not one to linger in bed, but my favorite moment of the day is not when the alarm goes off. Once I’m up and m
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  • Learned to accept a lot of things ... but not hummus
         Despite my growth and “maturity’ (okay, gimme a break) I still despise the sight, texture and taste of lima beans, I’d probably starve to death if I had to eat coconut to survive, and don’t even bring up the subject of hummus. The mere thought of that pureed tree bark is enough to make me gag.
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  • July is packed with fun

    With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein:

    “Our county fair is a great

    county fair, don’t miss

    it don’t even be late.”

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  • Each Memorial Day I return to Pearl Harbor

        We lived at the entrance to Pearl Harbor – the most famous shipyard in the world – not more than 60 yards from the ocean. My dad, LCDR George Fromm, had been transferred to Barbers Point Naval Air Station on the island of Oahu in the new state of Hawaii. It was truly paradise and a magical three years in my life.

    The housing provided to military personnel stationed on Oahu in 1963 was perfect. Since the weather in Hawaii is pretty-much ideal every single day – not too hot and not too cold – no air-conditioning was required and the need for additional heat was a rare event indeed. Our ranch-style home was bright, airy and cheerful.

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  • If you had to pick final meal, what would it be?
        I'll be the first to admit – actually my wife, Sarah, would probably be the first – my mind often doesn’t work like most. While I’m fairly “normal” most of the time, there are definitely instances when I drift off into “Rickiland” and ponder things that have absolutely no significance to man and womankind at all, or are downright weird.
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  • Keeping the faith can be a real challenge at times

       Make no mistake -- I believe. It’s how I was raised. However, the decision to embrace the thought we exist for eternity after our time in the physical world is over came about of my own volition.

    No matter what you want to call it, whether it’s heaven or the spirit world or an endless state of blissful consciousness, I firmly believe when our bodies are worn out and no longer able to cope, we transition to a state of existence that allows our spirit to remain active for all time.

    Although we can’t actually see these spirits, examples of their actual presence are offered to us daily if we’re just perceptive enough to recognize and acknowledge them. It happens to me all the time. 

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  • Facebook posts should be about good, not ‘evil’

        I’m not a huge social media devotee, but I dabble to be sure. I don’t have a Facebook page account, but I’m certainly aware of what’s going on and keep close track of the posts I can relate to.

    I guess they call that a Facebook “creeper.” So be it – I’ve been called creepy a time or three before. Doesn’t really faze me.

    The more up-to-date social-media phenomena still leave me coughing in the dust, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. You know, about the time new technology makes what I’ve just learned obsolete. And so it goes.

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  • Put away your troubles and go turkey hunting

         It was about 10 years ago and it had been a rather “bleh” turkey-hunting season. I’d taken a friend from Wisconsin out on a glorious sunny spring afternoon and hopes were high as we settled into our secluded spot.

    I knew turkeys frequented the area, but wasn’t overly optimistic that our desire to down a long-beard would be satiated. But as the old saying goes, you never know what’s going to happen when you venture forth in search of a mighty gobbler. This day would confirm that statement.

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  • Decatur Runnin’ Reds taught me to love the game

        Sports have always been a major factor in my life, and although I appreciate and like just about every sport known to man and woman – from tournament bass fishing to the luge – it’s basketball that holds a special place in my being.

    For my money, basketball players rank among the finest all-around athletes in the world. Despite their impressive size and stature (yes, I know there are smaller cagers, too), hoopsters like LeBron James, Dr. J. Julius Erving, Magic Johnson and countless others too numerous to mention, display an eye-popping level of coordination and quickness that is hard to imagine on a 6-8, 250-pound frame. 

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