My 62nd trip around the sun has been successfully completed - for which I'm extremely grateful -- and now it's time to look ahead to No. 63 with optimism and enthusiasm. I'll admit it gets a bit more difficult to do that with every passing year, but I'll forge ahead undaunted, secure in the knowledge that each beautiful Iowa sunrise promises a brighter tomorrow. Onward through the fog.

Like millions of others, I've made countless New Year's resolutions during the past six decades, and while I have managed to keep a few of them, most represent exercises in futility and frustration.

A well-thought-out list of heartfelt resolutions that would make my life better is a fine goal, and, naturally, I'll try to achieve the obvious in 2013: a healthier lifestyle, better eating habits and a lot more exercise. But the reality is I'll probably fail in a major way. That doesn't stifle my intent, however. After all, the only thing stopping me is ... me. Unfortunately, that's difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. I can be a rather tough opponent of myself.

So this year I'm not declaring any unachievable goals or resolutions, but will switch things up a bit and instead cite the things I "hope" will happen during the next 365 days. With no offense meant to anyone:

• Throughout the past 30 years or so, we've received a plethora of information on what foods we should or shouldn't consume. From bacon, to salt, to sugar, to eggs, to red meat, the list is ever growing and rather disheartening because most of the fare I enjoy are included on that directory of doom. So here's my No. 1 hope for 2013: Scientists discover the key to a long, productive, healthy life is consuming a hot-roast-beef sandwich, along with two big scoops of mashed potatoes and ladles of rich, brown gravy, at least once a week ... preferably twice.

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