By Rick Fromm
By Rick Fromm

     Is it just me or are there now “professional” photographers just about everywhere these days trying to parlay their talent into a lucrative career?

Put another, old-fashioned way, it’s hard to swing a dead cat without hitting a photographer no matter where you live. Unlike the past when small communities such as ours supported a handful of photographers and photo studios, it’s changed radically since the advent of digital cameras and all the features they offer to help turn a mediocre photo into a cherished memory.

While photographers used to spend endless hours in the dark room developing film and using some rather strong chemicals to print them on quality paper, that is not the case today. Far from it.

Today’s cameras allow the photographer to view his or her work almost instantly via an LCD monitor conveniently located on the back of the instrument. The process has eliminated a lot of the guesswork involved when the photographer really didn’t know if he or she had obtained an acceptable image until the film was actually developed.

This entire process was infinitely more time consuming and expensive. Not so any more. The sophisticated cameras of 2016 can retain a bazillion images and then it’s a simple matter of downloading them onto a computer, choosing the ones you want to print, cropping them accordingly, adjusting things like contrast and brightness and then emailing them to a company that can print them for cheap. Easy peasy.

But make no mistake, having a great camera and all the advanced technology in the world doesn’t make someone a “professional, top-notch photographer.” Not by a long shot. Believe me, I know.

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