Terrorism continues to be a horrific reality in the 21st century and it doesn’t show any sign of abating. In fact, if anything, it’s getting worse.

While modern technology and advances in healthcare and financial stability are slowly but surely improving quality-of-life conditions throughout the world, there are still those irrational zealots out there who are willing to slaughter innocent people because they think a different way or worship a different deity.

Such barbaric behavior is difficult – make that impossible – to understand, but nonetheless the acts of random terrorism continue to happen with alarming frequency and there’s apparently nothing that can be done about it.

Despite the fact we, and our allies, have waged war against the butchers, suicide bombers are still carrying out their twisted missions on an almost-daily basis and no one thinks the murderous behavior is going to end anytime soon. Not by a long shot.

In the minds of these idiotic extremists, people deserve to die if they believe in Christianity or pray to Jesus Christ rather than Allah. Seems perfectly logical, right? Wrong … way wrong.

Is there anything we can do to stop it? Sure there is. All we have to do is embrace the terrorists’ religious and social beliefs, lay down our arms and promise to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with us. Simple game.

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