We are building it, and they will use it. They will most definitely use it. There's no question about it. The statistics are undeniable, and to think otherwise is to have your head in the sand.

There has been some noticeable grumbling lately ... from the vocal minority ... that the soon-to-be-completed 12-mile recreational trail around the city of Decorah is a colossal waste of millions of dollars and the money would be much better spent on helping the "needy" or supporting organizations or entities already in existence that "actually do some good for the entire community rather than providing an expensive recreation option for only a few."

There's no question all of us - as a community - need to assist those less fortunate than ourselves and put any expendable income available toward that end, or related activities. It's our undeniable responsibility to do so, and I think Decorah's track record in that regard is highly commendable. The list of examples of how consistently we assist our neighbors would be long enough to fill three or four of these columns.

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