I'll state it immediately: I'm not a social networking person. Never have been, doubt I ever will be, but things do change so I can't predict what my future holds. For now, however, I have no desire to be a regular on Facebook or Twitter or whatever.

That decision would seemingly eliminate me from any intelligent discussion about the pros and cons of using social media, but it doesn't because I do have access to a relative's Facebook page that I peruse from time to time for sheer entertainment value.

From what I've observed, most of the Facebook submissions are from the younger generation (under 40 years of age), and the vast majority are harmless updates about family, friends and what activities the Facebooker has been up to lately. A sort of constantly changing home movie, if you will, that lets your "friends" keep abreast of your life. And that's all good.

By far, the No. 1 thing these young adults like to share with the Facebook world are pictures of their children. There are photos of kids eating their first birthday cake, taking a nap with the dog, taking their first steps, riding a new bike, learning to crawl, crying their eyes out and just about everything else little ones are want to do. The potential for postings is unlimited, and viewers who see the photos "like" them.

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