The 2012 Olympic games, ably hosted by the good folks of Great Britain, are winding down and after two weeks of cheers, jeers and tears the closing ceremonies will take place Sunday. It's been quite a ride.

From the women's gymnastic team capturing the coveted "team" gold medal, to the domination of our men's and women's basketball squads, to swimmer Michael Phelps' stunning assault on the record book (22 total medals during his illustrious career), to the amazing prowess of skeet shooter Kimberly Rhode, who became the first woman in history to win five individual medals in five straight Olympics (three golds, a silver and a bronze), the London Games have provided fans with a never-ending cornucopia of amazing accomplishments.

After spending just about every evening and weekend afternoons soaking in all the Olympics had to offer, it will be a major adjustment for our household when the flame is finally turned off and the official five-ring, Olympic flag is passed on to the organizers of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

The thing I'll remember most about the London Games is the amazing television coverage provided by all the NBC channels. Unlike the good/bad old days when all you were able to see were the major track events, some swimming and a bit of gymnastics, the TV offerings of the 2012 Games were mind-blowing. If you wanted to watch handball, it was there. Fencing your thing? Just turn the channel and viola. Even ping pong (table tennis), badminton, rowing, archery, bicycling, equestrian events and kayaking were available to the devoted Olympic fan.

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