Dear Editor:

The Decorah Public Library sponsored a wonderful program Sept. 12 on the "History of the Civilian Conservation Corps." Author, filmmaker and songwriter Bill Jamerson presented his program about the CCC entitled "Dollar A Day Boys."

This depression era work program created by President Roosevelt employed teen-age boys working in camps restoring America's damaged natural resources. Their feats were nothing short of incredible. Three and a half million boys built state parks, bridges lodges, museums fire towers and planted an estimated three billion trees, and on it goes.

The "Dollar a Day Boys" were required to send a $25 a month allotment check home, a benefit to families receiving them during the depression. This bought a lot of groceries and aided the local economy in the process.

There were 4,500 different camps throughout the country. Decorah was home to its own camp. The camp was located on the fairgrounds. A photo of the camp was shown at the meeting by Joan Schissel, whose father worked there. Phelps Park and Palisades Park were two benefactors of this project.

Thanks again to the Decorah Library for bringing this program to us.