Dear Editor:

Trained as a U.S. Marine weapons platoon sergeant, I find myself reflecting, in the face of yet another American civilian massacre, on access to semi-automatic weapons in this country.

These weapons are produced with the intention of killing people in a war zone. Why do we protect easy access to these weapons at the cost of turning American schools, movie theaters, universities and malls into war zones? Do we really want to live in this country with the idea that "This is just the way it is" in respect to easy access to these weapons?

As a Marine, I served to "protect our freedom." Safe schools, theaters, universities and public places demonstrate for me a higher degree of those freedoms than does easy access to the very weapons I trained to use as a combat Marine.

Call your Congress person and the White House and tell them to support our Constitution by promoting "the general welfare" as fervently as they do access to weapons meant for war. An assault weapons ban is one necessary step toward the change needed in a "more perfect union."