Dear Editor:

In little more than a year, we have had the good fortune to be patients at Winneshiek Medical Center. We wish to commend the Center, its surgeon and entire staff, as well as the participating surgeon from Gundersen Lutheran, for their kind manner, professional expertise and exceptional care.

Everyone - from the Same Day Services receptionist at WMC, to the pre-surgery personnel, nurses, anesthesiologists, therapists, Dr. Glenn Johnson and Dr. Michael LaBelle - was wonderful. One could not help but feel in very competent and caring hands.

We count ourselves most fortunate to have benefitted from the skill and dedication of these fine health providers and the quality local facilities located but minutes from our front door. No manner of institutional differences, recent or otherwise, should be allowed to detract from the excellent service of these fine practitioners.

Should the need arise again, we would confidently return to WMC and their care in a moment. Heartfelt thanks to all of you - you're great. In appreciation: