Dear Editor:

Many letters to this paper have already established Lorraine Borowski’s strong professional qualifications for the job of mayor:her years of service at the library, and her deep familiarity with local government from years of attending/recording city council meetings. 

I would like to highlight her personal qualities which would make her a good mayor. I have been acquainted with Lorraine Borowski nearly my entire life, and have always found her to be sincere, intelligent, engaged and kind. She prides herself on seeing every side of an issue, and hearing from people with differing points of view before taking a decision. 8pt

She easily relates to people, and makes people feel comfortable. She has innovative ideas and priorities of her own, but also listens to the ideas and priorities of others in the community. Part of a mayor’s role is to represent the town, and her professional demeanor and integrity would make her a good representative of Decorah to the outside world.

As a young mother of two who grew up in Decorah and recently returned to raise my family here, I am also excited by Lorraine’s policy priorities which focus on economic sustainability, green initiatives, and safe and affordable housing. I believe she would lead Decorah in the right direction for future generations, focusing on protecting the natural resources and historical features that make our community desirable, while thoughtfully promoting economic development and affordable housing options to keep Decorah — and all its residents — thriving.

I believe that Lorraine Borowski has the right vision and skill set to lead Decorah forward. She will be a strong leader who is also a listener, a collaborator, a mediator and a role model. 

Clara Muggli-Toyloy