Dear Editor:

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) funded a study in the 1990’s that found a home containing a gun was three times more likely for a homicide or suicide to occur than a home lacking a gun.  

The result, Congress banned the CDC from any future research into gun violence. Chalk another one up for the NRA influence over our laws. We are not even allowed to study gun violence.

In a recent town hall meeting, I heard our Congressman Blum avoid answering the question of studying gun violence. Then he went on to say he has the answer to prevent school shootings. A single entrance with a metal detector and an armed guard plus arm 25 percent of the teachers. Our schools can afford that, he says. I wonder where he got his research data, not the CDC for sure.

In Florida, the armed guard (well paid and trained?) is being faulted for not entering the school building and taking on a fully automatic assault rifle with his handgun.  Get real, this is not a video game. What is our Congress thinking besides making sure the NRA money keeps coming its way?

Dennis Pottratz