Dear Editor:

I was at the Charles Grassley meeting in Decorah that Donovan L. Hommen Ph.D. referred to in the April 18, letter to the editor. I admit I also was surprised at the answer to the gun legislation question. I, however, decided to investigate further as to Senator Grassley's positions and reasons. 

Time is at a premium at these meetings with many citizen concerns where issues cannot be fully discussed. Each issue could take hours, especially this one. I had heard on Fox news that he and Senator Rubio had other amendments and proposals to the violence issue - not just guns. (I hope this was also reported on other media, we do want the full story.)

In reading Dr. Hommen's letter, I seriously doubt he went further than the one statement made in a time constraint. I invite him to check out Senator Grassley's official website. There he will find concerns "addressed in expanding context." 

The violence issue is a many-pronged issue as demonstrated in this past week's tragedy. It has been reported on MSNBC that the gun legislation that was proposed and failed this week would not have stopped the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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