Dear Editor:

Several important issues were only superficially or not at all discussed during this year's election campaign.

Among them are: World hunger and corn-based ethanol and other bio-fuels; increasing hunger in the United States including Iowa and particularly among children; the increasing cost of medical care, rising faster than the average inflation rate; increasing gap between the richest Americans and the middle-class and poor; corporate "ownership" (Senator Dick Durbin) of the U. S. Congress; Guantanamo; corporations as people and money as speech; American open-ended support of Israeli oppression of Palestinians and the illegal occupation of their land; the possibility of a nuclear weapons-free Middle East; the dangers of induced hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in oil and gas recovery; global climate change.

The omission of these and other important issues from an election campaign costing more than two billion dollars and featuring television ads, robo calls, full-color oversized post cards, and four national pseudo-debate bicker tests with candidates from only two political parties has accomplished nothing more substantial than to legitimize and sustain a corrupt political system that no longer represents the American people and badly needs reform.