Dear Editor,

Many of you know how addicted I am to politics. I look at the many little pictures and weave them into the big picture. This year’s picture is troubling. It shows pervasive power drunkenness.

Before 2016, Russia attacked the USA elections, to elect “Impotus.” President Obama placed sanctions on Russia and set up defenses. When “Impotus” took over, he removed them and let Russia freely attack USA elections.

Trump was impeached for using USA aid to bribe/extort the Ukraine for his re-election. Senators Grassley and Ernst felt that was OK.

200,000+ Americans dead from “Trumpvirus.” “Impotus” admitted to knowing in January that COVID-19 was contagious and dangerous. He did nothing and COVID-19 became “Trumpvirus.” President Obama and Vice President Biden had left programs and people in place to warn of and combat a pandemic outbreak. “Impotus” fired them. Thousands of deaths would have been avoided. As a side-note, United States travelers are banned from most of the world.

In 2016, Grassley and Ernst gave their word on not confirming SCOTUS nominee Garland. Four years later, we find their word means nothing. They will ram through a confirmation. Continuous feeble excuses are aired, parsing their words, but showing their word means nothing.

In Iowa, Feenstra, Hinson, Bergan and other Republicans show their power drunkenness. They arbitrarily gutted PERA, harming the welfare of thousands of teachers, nurses and city-county-state workers. They refused to fix Terrycare, their substitute for Obamacare. They refused to fix the managed care provider money pit, continuing to pay a yearly, additional bribe to the insurers. They keep “refining” their voter suppression, ostensibly to “fight fraud,” which Shultz found to be non-existent. They have made a simple process into a complicated mess to discourage voting, especially mail-in. 

Their biggest goal and biggest failure is Planned Parenthood. Their Iowa PP replacement program is a failure. Usage has severely fallen while the number of STI’s and abortions has significantly increased. Yet they cling to power and are drunk on it.

We need to exorcise the red (Russian red and “Trumpvirus” blood red) party. Please vote blue from top to bottom. Four more - even two more years of this - and we might not have a USA.

Dave Ameling