Dear Editor:

Wow. I attended two stellar nights of music presented by our students at the high school (vocal and band concerts) and I was filled with the light of the season.

The amount of time and dedication it takes to perform the complicated pieces that were selected is a credit to their directors. Kudos to Mr. Rausch, Mr. Beckman, Mr. Bliven, and Mr. Cody. You set a high bar.

We live in a special place and I want to make sure and acknowledge that not every school offers the caliber of music education that Decorah offers. And that it isn’t every town that has the support of a Music Boosters program like Decorah.

On that note, I want to thank the Music Boosters for their financial support in bringing The Boston Brass to Decorah. It was such a treat to hear them. I was blown away by their sound (all puns intended). They had me laughing and crying. And what a great experience for our students to spend some time with these professional musicians. 

Keep on supporting the arts, villagers.

Ruth Jenkins