Dear Editor:

I moved to Decorah from Virginia in 2013 to be closer to my daughter and granddaughters and just love it here.

My first winter came complete with below 20 degree temperatures and heavy snow, just as promised. After the first snow, I was awakened very early in the morning by snowplows and trucks working on the roads and parking lots. I was annoyed by the noise so early in the morning and just figured I’d better get used to it.

When I got up that first morning before 7:00, I was stunned to see how clean the roads were and how hard the road crews had been working for so many hours. It was pretty impressive.

Don’t ever take your clean streets and around the clock efforts to keep them that way for granted, no matter what the weather. I’ve lived in states where the heavy snow and icy streets controlled your life and decided for you when you could get to work or just out of your house. Not in Decorah. It can snow all night and you can count on the main roads being clear before you head out of your house in the morning.

The road crews are amazing here and they don’t stop until they get the job done. How many mornings have you gotten up and looked out your window to see a never ending caravan of dump trucks hauling snow away from town?

Thank you, Decorah road crew for your hard work and everything you do to keep us safe.

Susan Wood