Dear Editor,

Abby Finkenauer has our best interests at heart.

Just this month, Congresswoman Finkenauer announced a large grant for stormwater infrastructure improvements, which will help our communities protect themselves from floods like ‘08 and create good-wage infrastructure jobs right here at home. That’s the kind of support she’s getting for us every day - policies that will actually help and protect us. As the Chairwoman of the Rural Development, Agriculture, Trade and Entrepreneurship Subcommittee on the Small Business Committee, Congresswoman Finkenauer has worked – and succeeded – at helping our communities get the infrastructure improvements we need. We need more of these projects that can bring jobs to our economy and generally make our lives better and safer. 

As the youngest woman in the Iowa Congressional delegation, Abby has shown that she is an active and attentive representative of Iowans and our needs. Every little girl can look up to her as a role model, and every member of our community can trust her to deliver on promises. When she’s in Congress in Washington, I know that Iowa -- and only Iowa -- is on her mind. 

Abby’s priority in Congress is Iowa, plain and simple. On November 3, we need to vote for Abby Finkenauer.

Kathy Hay