Dear Editor:

I have been receiving unwanted, weekly phone calls from Mitt Romney. The worst was when he asked me for money. According to the media, Mitt owns six homes described as mansions.

The Romneys own several vehicles, including two Cadillacs just for his wife. I live in one modest home well over 100 years old and drive one car. Mitt makes more money in one year than I could save after a lifetime of working. It's puzzling that a millionaire would ask me for money.

I am also concerned by the weekly robocalls by Mitt and people representing him. My requests to be taken off these lists have been denied. I feel it is unethical for politicians to allow political robocalls while supporting the general Do Not Call Registry. I can go online to find information about candidates, and I do not need Mitt to tell me how to vote.

Mitt, if you subscribe to the Decorah Newspapers, I hope you will read my letter and stop pestering me.