Dear Editor:

My name is Connor Freeman. I am 15 years old and a sophomore at Decorah High School, and I, like most of my generation, am not an avid reader of the local paper. But I couldn't help but notice the front-page articles last week concerning dietary changes in the district; and while most everything said in these reports was true, I'm concerned that they're not giving the right impression.

In fact, I believe I should inform the community what I see is happening, lest they should form opinions on things they haven't personally witnessed.

You will notice, as is often the case with matters in the public schools, that we the students, the ones most affected by the policy changes, were not asked for our opinions. You see, the truth of the matter is that I have heard noticeably more complaints about lunches from my fellows since the year began than before, and I can promise you it's not because we're opposed to healthy eating.

Quite the contrary, I am all for trying to improve the eating habits of our youth, but if that's what's really happening in the district, then it is not being done particularly well. I shall try to summarize what changes have been made:

1. There is a slip of paper hanging outside the kitchen that marks the amount of calories in every day's lunch, though I'm fairly sure that most of the students haven't even noticed it.

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