Dear Editor:

I lived in Decorah from 1969 when my dad, Pat Maloney, took the job of editor of the Decorah Newspapers, until I graduated in 1972. I still consider Decorah my hometown.  Much of what I have become and enjoy in my life came from joining an amazing and active Girl Scout troop in Decorah. I learned my future career from Joyce Johnson, one of my Girl Scout leaders, and I have been a physical therapist now for 38 years.

I learned to camp, canoe, hike, ride horses, tie knots, sell cookies, etc. from Girl Scouts, and especially remember Jack and Marge Thompson and Blanche Overland as very active leaders. We spent many days at Camp Tahigwa, and I was so sorry and shocked that it was scheduled to close due to lack of use, lack of funding, etc.

My daughters were raised hiking, skiing, camping, sailing, riding our horses, riding bicycles and dirt bikes, and, yes - selling those Girl Scout cookies. Being in the outdoors, even in the challenging climates back there in Iowa, is an excellent way to spend time, and at Girl Scout camp, many life-long memories and friendships are made. I still downhill ski, go backpacking in our mountains in summer and in the winter with snowshoes or backcountry skis, canoe, kayak, remember how to start a fire, be prepared in all situations and remember the Girl Scout principles.  

Let us hope that Camp Tahigwa can stay open to offer a new generation of girls all of these opportunities.