Dear Editor,

Recently a young woman I know shared a Facebook post justifying her vote for Trump, “a racist, evil, narcissist” (her words, not mine). The original poster explained that she wasn’t voting for his personality, but for his policies. She said she’s voting for the Second Amendment, the police, the military, veterans and a few other lofty values that are not actual policies.  

She is willing to overlook a president bragging about sexually assaulting women, degrading veterans, members of congress and anyone who dares to disagree with him. She’s willing to overlook someone who cares little about being the president of all Americans. And yes, she’s clearly saying there’s no need for our children to look to the president as a moral leader, whose words and actions should be emulated.  

So - if that’s the standard, then I can overlook an occasional gaffe from former Vice President Biden, because I’m voting for policies and civility.

I’m voting for the right to control my own reproductive decisions and not allow the government to control me. I thought Republicans were all about personal autonomy.

I’m voting to uphold the Affordable Care Act because that is what is covering the outrageously expensive drugs keeping my husband alive. Trump is, right now, fighting to destroy the ACA.

I’m voting for someone that doesn’t degrade the office of the president by calling people vile and childish names.  Apparently, some people are looking for a president who will entertain them.

I’m voting for someone that will lift up veterans and not refer to them as suckers and losers, and someone who is able to comprehend their sacrifice.  

Most importantly, I’m voting for someone who is interested in being everyone’s president and will not spend time on Twitter and at rallies sowing harmful discord and spewing hateful, divisive rhetoric, with the vocabulary of a third grader. 

Melanie Tietz