Dear Editor:

Since there was some misrepresentation of me in Thomas Hansen's letter in the Sept. 6 Decorah Public Opinion, I feel the need to respond.

When Mr. Hansen first called me, he said that he had recently discovered that the AAUW had sponsored candidate forums in the past. Indeed we have. For about the last 20 years we have organized such forums and in the last part of that time shared the sponsorship with the League of Women Voters. When Mr. Hansen asked if the Northeast Iowa Tea Party (NEITP) could co-sponsor the forum, I told him that I would have to consult with a few of our members.

After doing so, I called Mr. Hansen back and told him that co-sponsorship would not be possible. I explained that although we knew that the Tea Party was a movement and not a political party, as such, the overwhelming perception of them in the U.S. was that they had a very clear, very public, political agenda. The Decorah branch of AAUW is non-profit and does not support political candidates.

Since Mr. Hansen had told me that he had made some arrangements with the Luther's Political Science Department and through them with other Luther departments, I did call Campus Programming and discovered that Valders 206 had been secured for Oct. 2 (not the CFL recital hall as indicated in Mr. Hansen's letter). There had been no advertising done by the college or distribution of information to the media by them.

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