Dear Editor:

Donald Trump calls it “the lying media” because it reports the words that come out of his mouth, or from his tweets. Whenever he makes a claim that is proven to be absolutely wrong, he says “the lying press, they’re scum” and “they are bad.” The free press reports what he says, he doesn’t like it, he throws a fit. And now worse.

Because of the election results last November, our United States must depend for now on the Republican GOP to protect our Constitution and in particular the Free Press (the media) from Donald Trump. The media serves as an intermediary (media) process in our democracy so the well positioned (particularly in government) are held accountable for the decisions they make; good and bad.  The free press has always helped ensure the health of our nation, so much so it was written prominently into our constitution and prohibits infringing on the freedom of the press. The founding fathers knew the danger to our country by limiting the free press. They had lived through it.

So what does Trump do? Media sources who challenge his “alternative-facts” are denied access into “his” press corps. And this is where Donald Trump is wrong and very dangerous. It is not “your” press corps, it is ours.

Mr. Trump you are neither king nor dictator. The president of our United States does not decide what our free press can do, our United States Constitution protects the press and “We the people” in our right to know. Neither you nor your Nationalist advisor Steve Bannon can restrict access of the free press or the right of citizens to accurate information. American democracy can’t let you. I hope the GOP won’t either.

Matt Tapscott