Dear Editor:

This fall, our neighbors allowed beaver trapping on their section of Trout River Run. It lies just beyond their cornfield across the road from our home. We had a beautiful, spayed bobtail cat named Tiera who loved to hunt.

On the morning of Nov. 10, my husband witnessed a trapper get out of his truck, walk into the field, shoot his gun twice and then head towards the stream.

Tiera was not home and we were concerned. My husband went looking for her. He found her in the cornfield with the tip of her paw caught in a trap, lying dead, shot in the head. We were devastated. When I called our neighbors, they told me they had no knowledge of any traps set in the cornfield. They then informed the trapper to remove the traps.

Landowners, please take responsibility of your land and regulate the hunters and trappers that you allow to ingress. Responsibility is the key to safety for all involved.

I write this editorial with deep sadness for Tiera, who died scared and defenseless in the hands of ugly.