Dear Editor:

Based on the website we have over 27 million Americans today still without health insurance coverage. I cannot wrap my head around this, Obamacare was implemented to provide healthcare for all Americans, clearly this program is a failure.  

Why are there over 27 million Americans still without health care insurance? The cost of course. Those that did gain Obamacare coverage receive it at no cost for the taxpayers cover their cost, which explains why the cost of insurance continues to climb.

Snowflakes are continuing to repeat lie after lie, hoping that at some point we will believe them that President Trump is going to throw out Obamacare. He is not. The president has stated, so many times, that he will not repeal Obamacare without a viable plan in place to ensure those that cannot afford insurance shall continue to receive it.

If Obamacare was a success, we would not need Planned Parenthood and other like public health programs for a thoughtful medical plan would have covered all Americans, not leave over 27 million Americans without coverage.

In regards to banning travel to this country from nations that sponsor terror I cannot understand why any American would not support this. A recent letter to the editor addressed the “extreme vetting” process for immigrants. This process is for those that actually follow U.S. law and apply for citizenship. I have family that have gone through this and it does take many months, sometimes years, but to date none of those that have gone through this process have gunned down a dozen or so Americans at a Christmas party. For many out there complaning today about the temporary 3-month travel ban, I did not see anyone, including the Luther College president, raise a concern over Obama’s 6-month travel ban in 2011.  Hummm.

Obama allowed over 680,000 Muslims into the U.S. between 2009 and 2013 alone, the vetting process that was U.S. policy for immigrants was ignored. Those illegal aliens that cross the Mexico/U.S. and Canada/U.S. border broke the law, were not vetted, and many Americans have suffered due to the inability of the leadership in DC to do anything about it. Thankfully President Trump is trying to address this by funding the Mexico/U.S. border wall that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted for.

Now there are a lot of Snowflakes in the media and Democratic Party that will tell lies over and over again in order to try to shape public opinion. The U.S. energy policy is not just oil, never has been and never will be. Thankfully TPP is dead. NAFTA led to millions of jobs to be lost, TPP would have led to more job losses and more jobs going to other countries.

Use of educational funding should be better spent in the future while offering more choice in schooling under new leadership. Today the U.S. is 45th globally in math, 24th in reading, and 25th in science. These statistics do not reflect failure of our teachers, but a failure of the system that DC has imposed upon them.

I realize many in the Democratic Party will disagree with me and will respond with baseless and fact-less letters in response to this letter (which is all fact checked). New far left factions, like are popping up all over the country, even in our local area with the sole purpose to oppose President Trump with fake news and letters to the editor.

Just three weeks into his presidency Snowflakes are uniting to keep government in power. Just remarkable, for government is of the people, for the people, and by the people. Here’s a sobering number for the Snowflakes to consider, 3,084 of the 3,141 counties in these United States voted for President Trump, it is clear the majority of the country is seeking change.

I hope that everyone provides President Trump a chance to succeed. We all should, I am sure he will disappoint, I am sure he will fail in some of his endeavors, but should we not give him a chance just as Obama was given? I don’t agree with all of what Trump has proposed, but I do agree that we need leadership in DC for the last 20 years our National Debt has climbed to 20 trillion dollars, more Americans than ever are on food stamps, and our health care costs continue to get out of hand.

There is a reason why President Trump won the presidency, all you need to do is look at the actual facts regarding the state of our nation. Let’s rely on facts, actual data everyone, and put the lies, the fake news, to rest.

Bruce Riley