Dear Editor:

After attending the Mayo/WMC meeting at the hotel, I have tried to sit back and just digest the contents put forth. I also wanted to see what other people had to say on this matter. I am having problems trying to reconcile what went on there.

Even if I believe every single word uttered at that meeting, which I do not, I still have some issues. First of all, why when the hospital has more than one administrative employee, does an MD have to give the hour power point presentation? Is the MD the brightest bulb in the room and if so, should the MD be the administrator and the hospital save the money that they pay out for the present administrator and administrative staff? Why doesn't the MD take care of his patients and the administration do their job?

Another problem I am having is looking way down the road and wondering if WMC is losing a million dollars a year as was stated there, how long can they stay in business?

Next question, what happens then? Does Mayo ride in on the white horse and save this city from losing their hospital? And if they do, it will then be owned by Mayo.

How long do you think there will be any Gundersen Lutheran doctors allowed to do anything at the hospital? I could go on for a while. I have more questions, but this is enough for now. I hope I have given some of your readers food for thought.