Dear Editor:

I'm still trying to figure out the actual reasons why there will be a change of management at Club Pyramid come Dec. 1. Be it true that it may be the decision of the owners of the property, it still doesn't pencil out in my mind, among many others.

You may place other individuals in the same management role (doesn't solve the alleged parking issues) and you may potentially plagiarize the same business ideas that the previous property leasers so proudly initiated and implemented so well, but you cannot duplicate the main reason why people supported this business: Mark and Penny Bockman.

The Bockmans not only ran this business professionally, they continued to think outside the box, offering various entertainment options to the public while treating their clients and friends with a very likeable respect and trust. The one other aspect they always follow is good ethics.

In a small, proud, close-knit community such as ours, this last aspect alone is a very valuable and respected one through and through, an aspect that the property owners, again in my and many other opinions, have blindly ignored.