Dear Editor, 

In September 2019 I was living in Sacramento, Calif., after graduating from Decorah High School. I received a call from my father, in which he said he had decided to run for the Iowa State Senate from District 28. At the time I was planning to stay in California and help from afar, but circumstances changed and I found myself in Northeast Iowa for the better part of the campaign season. I am incredibly thankful for that. I have had the opportunity to see the great state senator my father will be for the people of Northeast Iowa. I heard the stories of people across district 28. I have watched while my dad intently listens to each person. I listened as he respectfully shared his perspective for the state government in Des Moines - a government that invests in the vital public services the people of Iowa deserve. 

Beyond that, I’ve seen the hard work my dad has put into the campaign: morning strategy meetings that are way too early for me (a sleepy teenager), afternoons spent making thousands of phone calls into the district, late nights of pre-COVID door-knocking, and weary eyes from hours of Zoom calls during the COVID-19 pandemic. He does this all while running a successful in-home child care business. I watch him welcome children into our home five days a week and create wonderful opportunities for them to grow and learn. I am amazed time and time again that he can run a thriving small business on top of endless campaigning. 

“Strength of a Marine, Heart of a Caregiver” really is the most adequate description of my father. I am proud to cast a vote in my first general election for someone who has worked tirelessly to earn the position, and someone who is dedicated to being a senator for all Northeast Iowans. Vote Matt Tapscott for Iowa Senate District 28. 

Natalie Tapscott