Dear Editor,

The Decorah Public Library has been a friend to me, so during National Friends of Libraries Week, it seems like a good time to say “thank you.”  I cannot thank the Decorah library enough for the book clubs that I have enjoyed.  I attended several, and read many, of the Historical Book Club books.  I also enjoyed the discussions at the Happy Hour Book Club and read books that I might not have picked up.  

I also want to thank our library for summer reading programs. When my grandchildren visited two summers ago, we went to the park and to the library to take part in craft and book presentations. And now, when we cannot do many things face-to-face, the Decorah Library has a “Take and Make” children’s program that introduces kids to books like The Hungry Caterpillar and ties those books to activities, like making milkweed seed bombs. 

And, I thank the library for activities that go beyond checking out books: its support of a strong, online borrowing program that allows me to get books on my eReader, its aid in ordering books from other libraries when they are not available inhouse, its art displays and talks with visiting authors, and even for faxing copies when I couldn’t get my copier to work.  We are lucky to have you, Decorah Library.  You’re a good friend to have.

Pat Downs