Dear Editor:

The classic conflict between religion and science plays out in the talk by Vandana Shiva at Luther March 5, and the letters by Gene Hermeier March 21, and Bob Watson, March 28.

It is a conflict that has been playing out for hundreds of years of human presence on the planet, sometimes with disastrous consequences for people. It is a vexing problem. Some thoughtful people who have spent a lifetime attempting to reconcile science and religion mostly without success.

The problem seems to be that religion tells us nothing about science, and science tells us nothing about religion. This is probably because religion is based on faith in what is unknown, while science is based on what can be known through the rules of evidence.

Whether in India or Iowa, nature works by its own rules everywhere and science can tell us what those rules are as well as the consequences of violating them. Vandana Shiva and Bob Wattson have done that for us.